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School Counseling TeamTop of Page

Ms. Isabel Caicedo
Bilingual 6-8/Avid Counselor
732.745.5300 x8418
** habla espanol

Mrs. Marisa Sudnick 
6th Grade Counselor
732.745.5300 x8419
** habla espanol

Mrs. Barbi Siegel
7th Grade Counselor
732.745.5300 x8438


Mrs. Claire Giblin
8th Grade Counselor
732.745.5300 x8459

Mrs. Sonia Beltran
Secretary to the Counseling Department
732.745.5300 x8422

Student Support StaffTop of Page

Ms. Kelly Siacavelas
Student Assistance Counselor
732.745.5300 x8420

Ms. Wendie Arriaga
School Social Worker
732.745.5300 x8404
** habla espanol

Ms. Eleanor Peterson
School Social Worker
732.745.5300 x8457