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"I&RS services are designed to:

1. Assist staff who have difficulties in addressing students’ learning or behavior issues.
2. Assist students who are experiencing learning or behavior difficulties in the general population."
NBMS I&RS Requirements
  • –Students with an average of less than 70 in core classes
  • Students who have not responded to multiple interventions that have been documented for a minimum of 20 instructional days

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6th Grade: Claire Giblin x8459 / x365
7th Grade: Marisa Sudnick x8419 / x311
8th Grade: Barbi Siegel x8438 / x418
Bilingual: Isabel Caicedo x8419 / x956

New Brunswick Public Schools I&RS Referral ProcessTop of Page

Step One: Referring Person Completes the I&RS Referral on Real Time and Submits to the I&RS Coordinator

Step Two: The I&RS Referral is reviewed by the I&RS Coordinator


Step Three: If the I&RS Referral is Complete and Accepted

1. The Chairperson/Co-Chairperson may assign a core I&RS Team member to be the Case Coordinator
2. I&RS Chairperson/Co-Chairperson schedules meeting with I&RS Team and sends survey
3. Parent/Guardian notification is sent via mail and a copy is sent home with student


Step Three: If the I&RS Referral is NOT COMPLETE 
1.  The referral will be sent back to the Individual requesting assistance with supportive instructions for completion