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New Brunswick Middle School prides itself in educating all students and supporting them throughout their educational careers. We are committed to developing skills that will enable them to be prepared, fully functional and diversely educated individuals who are equipped to meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. To achieve these goals, students receive an integrated education that provides them with academic knowledge and assists them in their own personal development.  The Middle School is invested in the district’s vision to prepare, empower, and inspire our students and staff.

New Brunswick Middle school services students in grades 6-8 with a current enrollment of 1,351 students. Our staff consists of 181 highly qualified professional educators and support personnel who strive to meet students’ needs on a daily basis.

Academic Programs

New Brunswick Middle School has a rigorous academic program aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. We have a diverse group of students and it is the belief that it is most effective to teach using a constructivist model of gradual release of responsibility.  Our educational philosophy is simple - Learning is a complex process that is heavily involved in reading, writing, listening, and speaking across all content areas.   Through daily common planning time (CPT) teachers participate in job-embedded professional development, creating collaborative assessments, sharing best instructional practices, and examining data to drive instruction.  This component has become an integral part of the process to provide students with a strong academic program.  

The Middle School has expanded opportunities for students to participate in Honors classes across content areas.  Students receive their classes from fully-certified dedicated and enthusiastic teachers in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Fine Visual & Performing Arts, Health & Physical Education, and World Language. Encore classes include: Google Education, Robotics, Dance, Graphic Design, Animation, Instrumental Music, Chorus, and Drama. Additional academic support is provided through Basic Skills and Special Education programs. The school has a comprehensive bilingual program for all levels of English Language Learners.  

Arts and Athletics

Performing Arts plays a crucial part in our school. We realize that the Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in mathematics, reading, critical thinking, and socialization skills. Performing Arts can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. We offer the following courses: Arts Academy, Dance Academy, Theatre Academy, Intermediate Chorus, Concert Band and String Orchestra.

Participation in organized sports offers opportunities for our middle school students to be physically active and has been shown to improve students’ self- esteem and psychological well-being. Students take pride in wearing their navy blue and white uniforms as they are celebrated for their hard work and dedication on School Spirit Days.

The Middle School offers a variety of sports throughout the school year. Students have the opportunity to take part in the following sports: Basketball, Track and Field, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Wrestling, and Cheerleading. Go ZEBRAS!

Culture and Climate

Character Education is an integral part of New Brunswick Middle School. All students begin the day with a Life, College Career Advisory (LCCA) class which emphasizes student discussions for the purpose of teaching students   how to be productive global citizens.  Having been recognized as a School of Promising Practice for successfully implementing the LCCA program, classes were featured on the TV program “Classroom Close-up.”  Educational dignitaries from the Singapore Education Department visited the Middle School to learn about the program.  Student ambassadors are selected to represent their LCCA class and trained as peer leaders.  Through the Alliance Program, we strive to promote acceptance and positivity in an effort make a NBMS a safe place for all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or, personal relationship preference.  

Technology Use

Students are encouraged to use technology in a variety of ways to support their individual learning styles and to express their creative talents. The New Brunswick Middle School has a 1 to 1 ratio of chromebooks. There are several Smart Boards throughout the building and continue to provide full support to our teachers and students as we continue to integrate Google Platforms into our daily instruction.  Great strides have been made in utilizing Google Classroom as it has facilitated communication between students and teachers.  Students are able to receive effective and timely feedback and view their grades while developing strong 21st Century Skills. Additionally, we are proud to offer the following courses: Graphic Arts, Google Education I and II, Business Coding, Robotics, Animation, Digital Video Editing, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Electronics.

Distinguishing Programs

New Brunswick Middle School recognizes the value of community partnerships and is proud to have working partnerships with: Johnson & Johnson, PRAB, Civic League, Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson, and St. Peter’s.   NBMS has a student exchange program through Sister Cities of New Brunswick with Fukui, Japan. Last year we had two student groups visit the school and community from Japan, and this year six of our students will travel to Japan.  Our community partners offer after-school programs; such as Ladies of Vision, Untagged Gents, Robotics Club, Nature to Nurture, and After-School Tutoring. The Rutgers Future Scholars program focuses on students who come from less-advantaged homes and seeks to inspire and prepare them to meet the standards required by colleges and universities.  It provides tuition funding to those who are admitted and choose to attend Rutgers University.  The Advancement Via Individual Determination (Avid) Program provides additional support to moderate performing students and preparing them for college- level instruction. Through Student Council and Civic League Leadership, students have become actively involved in leadership opportunities, fundraising, and community efforts. Students at NBMS have the opportunity to work with Glenis Redmond, Poet in Residence at The State Theatre.  They spend several workshops learning about a poet and style and honing their own skills.  The program is completed with an evening performance at the Crossroads Theatre. Additional school clubs include STEAM, Art, Robotics, Environmental, Community Service, and Jazz Band.    

Awards and Recognitions

The Character of Education Partnership, Character.org, recognize schools across the country demonstrating an exemplary level of implementation of the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education. New Brunswick Middle School attended the 2017 Schools of Character Recognition Ceremony on May 19, 2017 and was recognized as:  


New Brunswick Middle school is dedicated to fostering an environment with the optimal organizational structure to provide tools for thinking critically, gaining knowledge, and becoming lifelong learners in a diverse society.


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